This treatment combines several miracles into one appointment. Yes, you will receive all your teeth-in-one-day, based on an ALL-on-FOUR™ concept. This is NOT a denture. Preparation steps are necessary to make this miracle happen. We must make teeth to fit only you in advance. This will be a milled bridge made to fit 4-6 planned implants for each jaw. The implants are planned with our in-office CBCT scanner inter-phasing with our 3D printer along with photographs and models of your specific planned teeth. You have seen a model of a sample result.

This pretty special (patented) planning gives the result. Your procedure will be done in one visit by one dentist with an in-house lab. Any and all remaining teeth will be removed, implants placed and new beautiful teeth will be ‘permanently’ attached.

You will be unaware of these proceedings because you will have suitable anesthesia. You will just wake up with a smile makeover.
Believe it or not, there is very little discomfort associated with this process, because the teeth that have been causing your grief will be gone.

Following adequate healing, these teeth will be replaced with ‘designer’ teeth. A studio appointment will allow you and me together to develop customized appearance and preview chewing function.

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