Lifetime Strategy – Intervention & Staging

Intervention & Staging

Esthetics for Teeth & Implant Construction

Reconstruction sounds a bit intimidating doesn’t it? The truth of the matter is that what we do makes it simple to figure out how to correctly restore teeth that are broken down or missing. Teeth can be lost from decay, gum disease or accidental breakage. For optimal chewing and appearance, teeth need to come together in harmony to prevent discomfort to the joints and to prevent wear and tear to the actual teeth.

When there are many teeth involved in a bite or appearance problem, it is good to look at the whole picture, meaning both sides of the jaws, as well as the front. The entire face and profile should be evaluated .We have developed our Swiss process for Smile Makeovers using well-established principles that I have used since the early ’90s, based on my Lee Institute and Loma Linda graduate prosthetic training.

This is Dynesthetics at its finest. The process is as simple as 1-2-3. Well, almost. Following these steps gives us a clear direction that can be done as a short- term plan or a long-term master plan.

Some people need very little done and others need every tooth visited. You may need something in between. Perhaps you need implant support – all good. Basically, I want to save you money over the long-term by developing teeth that both look good and that function efficiently to reduce stresses that wear things out.

The steps are:

  1. Stabilize the jaw position: using a simple non- invasive, and comfortable appliance that is custom for you.
  2. Evaluate and develop the shape and functioning position of the front teeth; top and bottom.
  3. Plan back teeth for maximum function to work with the front teeth to minimize wear.
    With our master plan you have fewer appointments. Sedation is included with your appointments to accomplish more in great comfort. Special prototype restorations allow you to have temporaries that look and feel good and let you live your life between sessions.

Hygiene & Maintenance

Your Key to Long-term Success

Hygiene is the heart of the long-term success of teeth and implants.
Teeth were designed to last a lifetime, but sometimes they do not, as we know all too well. Implants give us a second chance when teeth fail for any reason. They will give us the same feeling and function as our teeth, but are different in several respects, offering many advantages that teeth cannot, yet should be maintained somewhat differently than teeth.

With our ever-expanding implant practice and the success, popularity and acceptance of implants, we decided to bring in a hygienist as a focused team member for you. We want your implants to last you the rest of your life and we know you do, so…

There are several phases we may have you interact with our hygienist:

  • Pre-treatment and planning
  • Surgical preparation and follow-up
  • Delivery of teeth, both temporary and permanent
  • Maintenance and education

Our hygienist is the team member who is responsible for the maintenance phase of patient care that is crucial to ensure long-term implant success. 
We have special skills and training to use our 3-D technology for detecting, evaluating, intervening and assisting in rescue efforts for both teeth 
and implants. Our hygienist will assess and personalize 
your needs and guide your home care use
of devices or aids for home maintenance in collaboration with Dr. Phillips.


Hygiene & Prevention Services

  • CBCT evaluation
  • Needle-less anesthesia
  • Oral and IV sedation
  • Tooth desensitizing
  • Tooth bleaching
  • Implant and teeth cleaning
  • Root planning and curettage
  • Bacterial culturing
  • Sealant application

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