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Implant Solutions

A Life Changing Solution

Implants are devices that grow into or onto bone to recreate the support structure for teeth. Most implants are titanium or titanium alloy “fixtures” for replacing tooth roots and acting as tooth reconstruction connectors. There are many dimensions available, varying in width as well as length to optimize the surface area in contact with bone to maximize support of the teeth being replaced.

Implants are well known and are now as widely accepted as any dental procedure. Less known, but equally reliable are custom implants for people with little jaw structure. You who have been told that you do “not have enough bone for implants” may find that it is no longer true. Also, bone lost can safely be reconstructed with various bone bank replacement materials and ‘growth factors’ that cue your own bone to grow.

Implants are now the most reliable procedure in dentistry – whether you have one missing tooth or many missing teeth, dental implants can provide a successful solution and because they are fully supported in bone, they look and feel remarkably like natural teeth.

Swiss 4+ Solutions

“Teeth-in-one-day” Implant Solution

This treatment combines several miracles into one appointment. Yes, you will receive all your teeth-in- one-day, based on an All-on-Four® concept. This 
is NOT a denture. Preparation steps are necessary to make this miracle happen. We must make teeth to fit only you. This will be a milled bridge made to fit 4-6 planned implants for each jaw. The implants are planned with our in-office CBCT scanner inter-phasing with our 3D printer along with photographs and models of your specific planned teeth. We have example models for you to look at.

This pretty special (patented) planning gives the result. Your procedure will be done in one visit by one dentist with an in-house lab. Any and all remaining teeth will be removed, implants placed and new beautiful teeth will be ‘permanently’ attached.

You will be unaware of these proceedings because you will have suitable anesthesia. A studio appointment will allow you and Dr. Phillips together to develop customized appearance and preview chewing function prior to your final fittings.

Implant Dentures

Implant Retained & Implant Supported Dentures

The benefits of attached teeth cannot be over- emphasized. Your functional capacity increases to 50-60%. You will not be worried about your dentures dislodging at inconvenient times or places causing embarrassment and pain. Also, as we age, our muscle dexterity gets poorer and our tissue gets thinner and more sensitive. It is a downward spiral. But, implants retain and actually increase the strength of our support tissues, both bone and gums giving you peace of mind about the future. These are the years you should be enjoying life so lets make that a reality!

Implants are very simple and cost-effective way to stabilize or retain dentures. Dentures can be kept from moving with the use of implants placed painlessly in the supporting bone and using retention attachments on the underside of a denture to snap over the implant connector. This process enables much of the plastic in the roof of the mouth to be removed for better taste and temperature sensation. You will be able to taste your food instead of your denture glue.

Dentures can also be supported by various bar connectors that join the implants together and contain various clips and snaps that reduce or eliminate gum tissue contact.

These support and retention systems are best when designed with the dentures. The cost is less and the result usually better, since we can offer a package fee due to only one acrylic processing. However, retrofitting may be an option. Ask us to evaluate your situation.

Swiss Dentures

The Best & Most Beautiful Denture Cannot Perform Like 
Real Teeth

They function by tissue contact and adhesion only. The lower denture is only as effective as the amount of surface area and the dexterity of the wearer using the tongue and checks to keep
it seated. They are only 10%
(lower) and 20-30% (upper)
as efficient as real teeth.
Biting with the front teeth is
seldom accomplished due to
the denture base positioning.
 Pressures on the tissues cause support tissue shrinkage and necessitates tissue adaptation.

EPIC Laser Whitening

Faster, Brighter, Lasts Longer & No Sensitivity

Enhance the beauty of your natural teeth. Get whiter teeth in as little as 20 minutes! Years of stain build-up can be effectively whitened with our EPIC laser treatment. This is a hydrogen peroxide based whitening treatment which is activated by the laser. This treatment is safe and effective, and is even an option for patients who tend to have sensitivity.

Call us today at 805.623.4622 to see if you are a candidate for EPIC laser whitening, and to hear about our special EPIC laser whitening packages.

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