Comprehensive Care – Planning to Compliance

Digital Imaging

Identifying Issues, Addressing Problems, Developing Solutions

CBCT X-rays

Our x-rays speak volumes about our care for you. Swiss Dental Center has its own in-house CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) scanner that has a small-focus volume, so you don’t have to worry about exposure to radiation

3D Printing

Ready access to CBCT means that it is possible for us to provide volumetric ‘image’ data to a 3D printer before surgery and to make detailed replicas of the patient’s jaws. This allows anatomy, particularly complex, unusual, or unfamiliar anatomy, to be carefully reviewed by Dr. Phillips and a surgical approach planned or practiced before surgery.

Laboratory Services

Taking Control of Quality Outcome

Dave, Heather, and Dr. Phillips work closely to create a masterpiece where form meets function that is the Swiss System. A beautiful aesthetic come from artistic shaping using our advanced materials. Decades of combined experience in removable and fixed prosthetics will develop a great result for you. Constant collaboration finds solutions for the most challenging situation. Hand made teeth to fit your facial expression can give you that personalized natural appearance that is distinctively masculine or feminine.

Anxiety Management

Taking Control of Your Fears

Are you afraid of the dentist, dental trauma, or a fear of needles? Your dental anxiety can easily be managed with Oral sedation, IV sedation or a combination of the two.

Don’t be anxious about pain. We have a number of new techniques and local anesthetics, in addition to analgesics that can be given IV. We will review your particular health history including any medications you are taking. When appropriate we review these with your physician to insure the best drug choice.

Procedures are SAFER and local anesthetics are more effective when you are relaxed. An added benefit is your treatment usually will be completed more quickly and with no or minimal discomfort.

Be sure to speak with us with your concerns and learn more about the benefits of oral and IV sedation. Dr Phillips has over 30 years experience administering sedation. She’ll find the right solution for you.

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