Financial Planning

Packaged Value Treatment Plans

Our goal is to make your desired treatment available to you by offering financial options for every budget. Due to our many in-house services, we are able to provide cost effective treatment plans. Also, master planning and staging with an end goal in mind can make your treatment attainable. Whether your treatment takes six weeks, six months or six years, we want to keep you in a favorable situation.

Tina is very sensitive to your needs as well as being a dedicated advocate for you with insurance and financing. She will work with you on your finances to achieve your goals. Think about a monthly payment plan or budgeting system that will work for you and she will do her best to make it happen.

If your insurance doesn’t cover all costs for your chosen treatment, we have many payment plans available- including several interest free options. Please visit and for more information.

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“The excellent care far surpasses what you pay for. Basically, they want to get you from point A to where you want to go. Everything is included in the fee. If you need one x-ray or ten, if you need to come two times or five times, the do not keep charging you. They help you get the result you came for. They are committed to your goals and they care about you as a person.”
– M. Steele

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