Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Implants are fixed in place, and look and perform almost like natural teeth. Implants prevent loss of bone and improve your appearance, your confidence, and your ability to eat the foods you like.

How successful are dental implants?

Dental implants successfully integrate with the bone in more than 97% of cases.

How painful us the dental implant procedure?

As with any oral surgery procedure, there is some associated discomfort. Most patients felt no discomfort during the procedures and very little following. This was managed well with the prescribed medications or over-the-counter compounds.

Am I too old to have implants?

Age appears not to be a factor with the success and the bone healing that occurs in patients that are in their 6th to 10th decade of life is almost equal to success as in younger patients.

Can I afford dental implants?

We offer the best patient care and experience and can find a payment option or plan to fit anyone’s needs. See FAQ’s menu ‘Financial Planning’

How soon after surgery can I go back to work?

Depending on the procedure and what Dr. Phillips advises, you can generally go back to work the following day.

What types of sedation do you offer?

Here at Swiss Dental Center, we offer oral and I.V (intravenous) sedation. Dr. Phillips is committed to patient comfort and will provide you with the appropriate medication to eliminate any discomfort. See ‘Anxiety Management’ under ‘Our Services’.

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