1. DO eat a healthy nutritionally sound diet, get plenty of exercise, and follow the recommendations of the USDA
2. DON’T eat sugary snacks between meals.
3. DO eat sugars in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables.
4. DON’T consume more than a maximum equivalent of 6 teaspoons of processed sugar per day (or 3 if a child.)
5. DO limit the amount and frequency of soft drinks, juices, sodas and sport drinks — to minimize the risk of tooth decay and acid erosion.
6. DON’T eat for at least an hour before bedtime especially foods containing processed sugars — low salivary flow rates during sleep reduce the ability to neutralize acid increasing the risk of tooth decay.
Read more at: http://www.deardoctor.com/articles/nutrition-and-oral-health/page3.php

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