Why We Are Thankful For Modern Toothpaste

  Why We’re Thankful for Modern Toothpaste “The next time you’re enjoying the minty-fresh feeling in your mouth, consider that toothpaste wasn’t always so tasty. For hundreds of years, civilizations have been perfecting toothpaste formulas to see what works...

3D Printing In Dentistry

“3D Printing in Dentistry” featured in British Dental Journal By A. Dawood, B. Marti Marti, V. Sauret-Jackson and A. Darwood “Used in aerospace, defense, art and design, 3D printing is becoming a subject of great interest in surgery. The technology has a particular...

Swiss 4+ Implant Solution

This treatment combines several miracles into one appointment. Yes, you will receive all your teeth-in-one-day, based on an ALL-on-FOUR™ concept. This is NOT a denture. Preparation steps are necessary to make this miracle happen. We must make teeth to fit only you in...
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