Your Key to Long-term Success

Maintaining your health with the care of your prosthetic devices, as well as your supporting structures, is the key to long-term success of the treatment you select.

Our office professional services are, of course, very important since we are able to provide care that you are unable to provide for yourself. However, your home care is equally important, so we work hard to make this a coordinated effort. Be aware of the many areas where we can help maintain your comfort, function, longevity while minimizing your costs.

Your facial structure, joint health and even your bodily functions depend on regular use of these services for early detection and resolution of problems. Our services include:

  • X-ray-singles, panoramic and 3-D
  • Hygiene-In-Office and mobile
  • Infection control-culturing to identify your personal organism and DNA test for antibiotic sensitivity
  • Denture maintenance-small repairs as well as complete refurbishing (tooth replacement, tissue adaptations and re-fittings, relines)
  • Implant evaluations-tissue corrective procedures, prosthetic repairs and replacement
  • Hard tissue examinations-evaluating bone and tooth health
  • Cancer examinations-both visual and radiographic
  • Joint position assessment to maintain vertical facial dimensions and chewing function
  • Supplies of homecare devices and products for teeth, tissues, implants and dentures

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