Laboratory Services

Taking Control of Quality Outcome

Dave, Heather and Patti work closely with Dr. Phillips to create a masterpiece where form meets function that is the Swiss System. A beautiful aesthetic come from artistic shaping using our advanced materials. Decades of combined experience in removable and fixed prosthetics will develop a great result for you. Constant collaboration finds solutions for the most challenging situation. Hand made teeth to fit your facial expression can give you that personalized natural appearance that is distinctively masculine or feminine.

Director, David Gabrys, CDT

Director, David Gabrys, CDT

Dave has been an in-house laboratory technician, as well as directing and maintaining a crown and bridge laboratory for a number of doctors desiring the exacting standards of quality and knowledge for which he is known for over thirty years. He is always at the forefront of reliable materials and processes, and he has participated directly in teaching courses for bio-esthetics and Swiss Implant reconstruction for doctors and technicians.

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