Aesthetic Reconstruction

Esthetics for Teeth and Implant Construction

Reconstruction sounds a bit intimidating doesn’t it? The truth of the matter is that what we do makes it simple to figure out how to correctly restore teeth that are broken down or missing. Teeth can be lost from decay, gum disease or accidental breakage. For optimal chewing and appearance, teeth need to come together in harmony to prevent discomfort to the joints and to prevent wear and tear to the actual teeth.

Your upper and lower jaws come together through a joint commonly called the TMJ. This joint is unusual because a single bone, the lower jaw (mandible) actually works on both sides of the body, interacting with the right and left TMJ as a sliding hinge.

For you to get the long lasting results you seek we do this in three stages as follows…Simple as one, two, three!

1. Allow the lower jaw to relate to the right and left joint so it is in a confortable and repeatable position

2. Make a design of teeth interaction (upper to lower) that holds the mandible (lower) jaw in this spot in comfort

3. Shape and restore the teeth to hold the position. This may be one tooth or many teeth.

Facial and dental Aesthetics go along with good tooth position. The proportions of everything beautiful in nature, art, music and mathematics are in the Golden Proportion as illustrated below.

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