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The lips in repose are the most visible feature of the mouth. Our lips are extremely sensitive and detect a single hair in our food, as well as enable us to enjoy a kiss!

Yet the teeth are the support that brings shape to a face by supporting the soft tissue in the lower third of the face including the lips. Together when smiling they are one-half of your facial expression! Support your lips!

A great smile can do a lot more for you than a whole makeup kit full of expensive cosmetics. It is the focal point of the face. Raising your had to hide bad teeth can make you feel guarded and insecure. Your embarrassment can be read as uptight and even unfriendly behavior. We work smile miracles for little problems to major ones. The description of our services together with the results will help you realize your possibilities. Having a great smile is like creating your own energy source—one that can empower you and affect all those around you.

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