A Life Changing Solution

Implants are devices that grow into or onto bone to recreate the support structure for teeth. Most implants are titanium or titanium alloy “fixtures” for replacing tooth roots and acting as tooth reconstruction connectors. There are many dimensions available, varying in width as well as length to optimize the surface area in contact with bone to maximize support of the teeth being replaced.

Implants are well known and are now as widely accepted as any dental procedure. Less known, but equally reliable are custom implants for people with little jaw structure. You who have been told that you do “not have enough bone for implants” may find that it is no longer true. Also, bone lost can safely be reconstructed with various bone bank replacement materials and ‘growth factors’ that cue your own bone to grow.

Implants are now the most reliable procedure in dentistry – whether you have one missing tooth or many missing teeth, dental implants can provide a successful solution and because they are fully supported in bone, they look and feel remarkably like natural teeth.


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