Barb Morrow, Registered Dental Hygienist

Hygiene is the heart of the long-term success of teeth and implants. Teeth were designed to last a lifetime, but sometimes they do not, as we know all too well. Implants give us a second chance when teeth fail for any reason. They will give us the same feeling and function as our teeth, but are different in several respects, offering many advantages that teeth cannot, yet should be maintained somewhat differently than teeth.

With our ever-expanding implant practice and the success, popularity and acceptance of implants, we decided to bring in a hygienist as a focused team member for you. We want your implants to last you the rest of your life and we know you do, so

There are several phases we may have you interact with our hygienist:

  • Pre-treatment and planning
  • Surgical preparation and follow-up
  • Delivery of teeth, both temporary and permanent
  • Maintenance and education

Our hygienist is the team member who is responsible for the maintenance phase of patient care that is crucial to ensure long-term implant success.

We have special skills and training to use our 3-D technology for detecting, evaluating, intervening and assisting in rescue efforts for both teeth and implants. She will assess and personalize your needs and guide your home care use of devices or aids for home maintenance in collaboration with Dr. Phillips.

Services: CBCT evaluation, Needle-less anesthesia, Oral and IV Sedation, Tooth desensitizing, Tooth Bleaching, Implant and teeth cleaning, Root planning and curettage, Bacterial culturing, Sealant application

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